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Dead Drop
Ross McKenrick’s espionage thriller, set in and around the Presidio of Monterey, California during the first Gulf War, vividly reveals old cold war rivalries that never died. Four years after “glasnost” and “perestrokia” changed the foundation of the former Soviet Union, U.S. intelligence agencies began chanting the mantra, “the threat has changed,” but did it?

The life of police detective Keith McGuire is disrupted as suddenly as the gunshot that critically wounds his older brother Howard in a fog shrouded shopping mall parking lot in a small town on the Monterey Peninsula. How little people truly know about the lives of others, even those of close friends and relatives. To Keith his brother was like a familiar piece of furniture, a solid respectable old sideboard, standing in the corner of the parlor, silently serving its owners for decades. But suddenly when the sideboard doors are thrown wide open exposing their hidden contents, what was once light becomes dark and what was once dark becomes darker.

Keith knows little about Howards’ work at the Defense Investigative Service or his former employment at the CIA. As Keith investigates the shooting, he discovers unexpected facets of his brother’s life—contact with a drug dealer, unexplained affluence, falsified security clearance reports, and bitter resentment over being fired from the CIA.

Unable to share this information about the case with his partner, Detective Upham, for fear of being taken off the case, Keith turns to Howard’s coworker, Gordon Wedgwood for help. Together they delve into his recent cases and uncover a convoluted web of blackmail, deception, and espionage.

To catch the person who shot Howard and learn the truth about his brother’s activities, Keith must violate department policy and risk his career.