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security clearance links
These websites are a resource for new military and government security managers. "The mission of this site is to share SOPs and questions, especially for the non-Security Manager or Intelligence personnel who get thrown into an S2 (Military Security Manager) slot with no training."
ISP CERTIFICATION: The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual
This manual is the perfect supplement to the NISPOM for anyone preparing to take the Industrial Security Professional certification exam. The approach is clear and easy to use.

This website is a resource for news, information, and discussion on how to acquire, maintain, and retain a government-issued security clearance. contains categorized material related to the entire security clearance process. It also hosts the Internet's first forum dedicated solely to security clearance-related discussion, allowing registered users to share and learn from each other's security clearance experiences. All website features are available free-of-charge.
Security Clearance Jobs - Have a security clearance? is the premier place to find top security clearance jobs. This site has an excellent FAQ page on security clearances that contains general information on clearances and processing, as well as special access authorizations. It also maintains an informative and well moderatedSecurity Clearance Forum with enough knowledgeable participants to get good answers to your questions and sustain an interesting dialog.
Transition Assistance Online is an e-recruiting site for employers targeting separating military members and those with security clearances seeking careers. The site was launched by former military service members as the first ever military-targeted Internet job board, which provides advice to job seekers. also publishes e-newsletters for transitioning service members and employers interested in hiring from the military.
This is a dedicated jobsite for Security Cleared IT Jobs in the United Kingdom. There are hundreds of Security Cleared IT jobs on the site. Security Clearance jobs are advertised here, permanent or contract, from recruitment agencies and employers.
The December 2005 Adjudicative Guidelines for Determining Eligibility For Access to Classified Information are available at the Resources page of this website and at
This is a new unofficial guide for security clearance adjudicators created by the Defense Personnel Security Research Center (PESEREC) in May 2010.
This guide provides a chart of suitability and security issues as they relate to HSPD-12 credentialing, federal employment suitability, and security clearance determinations. It is also available at the Resources page of this website.

Paper version of the SF86 (Questionnaire for National Security Positions) is available the Resources page of this website and at
The OPM special release form for medical and financial information is available at the Resources page of this website.

ZIP codes are particularly important because the computer program that processes your SF86 will use these ZIP codes to assign investigative work to various field offices. If you list the wrong ZIP code, it could result in your investigation being delayed. All post offices and most libraries have ZIP code directories. You can also search the online ZIP Code Directory at

If you are ready to apply for a security clearance, you should get a free copy of your credit report online at You are entitled to receive one free credit file disclosure every 12 months from each of the three nationwide consumer credit reporting companies – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

If you were previously investigated by the Defense Security Service or its predecessor, the Defense Investigative Service and you would like to get a copy of the investigative file go to DSS Privacy Act Office webpage for information on how to request the file.

If you were previously investigated by the Office of Personnel Management and would like to get a copy of the investigative file go to for information on how to request the file.

If you think you might have dual citizenship, one way to find out is view the document "Citizenship Laws of the World" available at the Resources page of this website and at It was produced in March 2001, so it’s not very current, but citizenship laws don’t change very often.

If you were born outside the United States and you have some question about your U.S. citizenship, go to for a complete text of U.S. citizenship law under Title 8 US Code Section 1401. You can also view the section on U.S. Citizenship in the document, "Citizenship Laws of the World," available at the Resources page of this website.

If you don’t know your registration number, either telephone the Selective Service at 847-688-6888 or 847-688-2576 or visit their website at and select the “Verify a Registration” link to get your registration number.
This policy is contained in a 10 Nov 98 Memorandum from Assistant Secretary of Defense, Arthur L. Money, Subject: Personnel Security Investigations and Adjudications. It is commonly called the "Money Memorandum" and is available at the Resources page of this website.
Policy regarding security clearance reciprocity is contained in three memoranda issued by the Office of Management and Budget. These memos can be view at the Resources page of this website or at the Information Security Oversight Office website.
This directive was recinded in October 2008, but the information it provides about investigative standards, adjudicative guidelines, and appeal procedures for SCI eligibility is still current. DCID 6/4 has been superceded by Intelligence Community Directive 704 by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). ICD 704 and related policy documents (ICPG 704 series) can be viewed the Resources page of this website or at the ODNI Electronic Reading Room.
DOD 5200.2-R
Department of Defense Regulation 5200.2-R, “DoD Personnel Security Program,” January 1987 (Administrative Reissuance Incorporating Through Change 3, February 23, 1996).

Department of Defense Directive 5220.6, “Defense Industrial Personnel Security Clearance Review Progam,” February 2, 1992, incorporating through change 4, April 20, 1999.