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about us
Last Post Publishing is a small press dedicated to military subjects, fiction and nonfiction, particularly those fields related to intelligence and security.
Our first book, (released in June 2007), was published to help those facing the possibility of waiting a year or more to obtain a DoD security clearance and to demystify the processes involved. The author, a former government security investigator with 30 years of experience, shares his extensive knowledge of the security clearance process on this website.Security Clearance Manual
Our second book, an espionage/suspense novel, , set in and around Monterey, CA and the Defense Language Institute during the first Gulf War, was released in May 2008.Dead Drop
In March 2011 we added (IMH) to our list. IMH addresses how suitability and security issues can be mitigated for all 3 major federal personnel security programs--National Security Clearance, Federal Suitability and Fitness, and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 Credentialing (often called NACI clearance or CAC).Federal Suitability and Security Clearances: Issue Mitigation Handbook

For more information contact:
Last Post Publishing - 1120 Forest Avenue - PMB 274 - Pacific Grove, CA 93950
Tel: 831-233-4340