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Federal Suitability and
Security Clearances
Issue Mitigation Handbook

Explains how suitability and security issues can be mitigated. Proper issue mitigation is not only critical to ultimately obtaining a clearance; in many cases it can result in the granting of an interim clearance and reduce the time it takes to get a final clearance. Covers National Security Clearances, Public Trust Positions, and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 Credentialing.
Security Clearance Manual:
How To Reduce The Time It Takes To Get Your Government Clearance.

This indespensable guide for security clearance applicants, includes detailed explanations of investigative and adjudicative standards and processes with step by step instructions for completing the Questionnaire for National Security Positions (SF86).



Dead Drop by Ross McKenrick

An espionage thriller set at the Presidio of Monterey, California during the first Gulf War, vividly reveals old cold war rivalries that never died.


The Last Post is a British military bugle call that signals the end of the day, similar to the American bugle call, Taps. Like Taps, the Last Post is also used at military memorial services, symbolizing the end of duty.


Come home! Come home!

The last post is sounding for you to hear

All good soldiers know very well

there is nothing to fear

while they do what is right

and forget all the worries

they have met in their duties

through the year . . . .